Archdiocese of Gulu


A five day seminar was organized under the topic Memory, Truth and Justice was organized by the German Catholic Organization AGEH together with the Commissions of Justice and Peace from different Catholic Dioceses in Uganda, at Boma Hotel in Gulu from November 2, 2011.  The seminar dealt with the burden of the past, the re-integration progracess of the formerly abbducted children by the LRA.  The Seminary attracted representatives of NGOs, religious and cultural leaders and members of the local government as well as the judiciary.

On November 2, the Archbishop, His Grace John Baptist Odama thanked the organisers of the workshop saying that it was organized at a material time when Acholi sub region is in the process of reconciliation with their neighbours from Lango, Teso and west Nile subregions who were also affected by the insurgency
. His Grace Odama revealed that three days previously, some formally abducted children were reunited with their Parents although he does not rule out the fact that other children are still in captivity.

On behalf of President Bishop of Germany, Luer Gorg who addressed the participants asked them to approach reconciliation with reality but not Lip service, He said that the challenges of dealing with the burden of the past violences can only be confronted with the help of the holy spirit and sharing experiences.  He said that one of the crucial role of the church was to preach against all aspects of violence which has caused disintegration among societies and families



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